How LED Downlights Match Commercial Lighting Space

In the face of different types of lighting occasions, the functions and features of LED downlights are different. For example, the LED downlights used in museums, the performance characteristics of the focus must be different from those used in the hotel area, and the performance of the cob led downlights used in commercial lighting spaces is different from the office space. Therefore, it is the truth to take the right ones. Here, look at how LED downlights match commercial lighting spaces.

led downlight match                      led downlights match


Firstly, office lighting area focuses on the colour rendering index of LED downlights.

The office area is a special occasion that requires a high degree of concentration and focuses on mental work. The colour rendering index is at least Ra ≥ 85. The colour temperature is best to choose the standard neutral colour temperature, which is often said to be a positive white light, which is conducive to accurate and efficient work. In addition, it should be reminded that due to the low floor height of most offices, the average is 2.8 meters, so it is generally recommended to choose the embedded LED downlights, because this will make the ceiling in the low space cleaner, no "pressure".

office space


Secondly, shopping Center focuses on selecting LED beam lights with wide beam angle and medium or small power.

With sufficient light intensity, the whole room is bright and transparent, causing the customer's active and exciting shopping mood. In the choice of installation method, it is usually a built-in downlight, which can keep the space simple and uniform. In the choice of power, according to the height of the floor, such as shopping mall atrium, the need for narrow beam angle and high power downlight; and in an ordinary 2.8-meter-high shopping environment, the use of a 30W downlight ensures that the illumination is up to standard.

shopping center


Thirdly, the museum is focused on the selection of narrow beam angles and high power LED downlights.

Due to the large distance between the ceiling of the museum and the ground, it is generally between 8m and 20m. Therefore, in order to ensure that the light of the downlight reaches the ground smoothly and meets the national standard illuminance value requirement, it is necessary to use a narrow beam angle and high power LED downlight.



Fourthly, hotel lighting is focused on the choice of anti-glare low power LED downlights.

In addition to the high floor space of the lobby and reception area, the height of other areas (restaurants, guest rooms, corridors, etc.) is generally between 2.8m and 5m, which requires low power. In addition, because the hotel lighting needs to create a warm and comfortable light environment, the anti-glare effect of LED downlights is quite concerned, especially in the guest room space, glare must be eliminated. LED downlight with good anti-glare performance, soft and uniform light, no glare. What’s more, because the average floor height of the hotel area is low, choosing a downlight below 30W can guarantee the illumination of the space. In addition, the downlight used in the bathroom area of the room also needs deep cavity anti-fog design, which has high requirements for waterproof and moisture proof. Generally, the protection level is IP65.

hotel lighting


The above is the entire content of how LED downlights match commercial lighting space. The different lighting environments, the matching LED downlights are different, and the performance advantages are quite different. Therefore, whether your project belongs to a hotel, business or office area, in order to know how to choose the various specifications of LED downlights, you must understand the needs of commercial lighting projects firstly.


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