Smart Design - Anti-Glare Solution

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Anti-glare lens is a specially design LED lens In order to minimize the harm of direct strong light
The light coming through this special lens is gentle and Comfortable, while maintain high light transmittance and deliver precise illumination angle.


Sometimes when we look up to the ceiling, our eyes get ‘burn’ by the strong light coming from the LED downlights.
Vertex anti-glare lens is designed to protect eyes from being hurt, which is ideal lighting for Children’s rooms, schools, rest room, beauty saloon, art gallery, ect..


Normal anti-glare led downlights solution in the market would cause about 25% light loss in order to achieve the effect of anti-glare.
Vertex anti-glare solution had successfully maintain high light transmittance and less than 15% light loss.


Anti-glare lens could be compatible with a range of LED downlights. Please contact us for more information.


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