Smart Design - Emergency Lighting Solution

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Emergency Lighting Units

Better residential emergency lighting solution
Vertex Lighting’s emergency backup pack is a dependable emergency lighting solution to led lighting applications, allowing the LED fixtures to be used as emergency lighting units.
The emergency back up pack is installed with the normal LED downlight, and allow the LED downlight to provide emergency lighting in event of power loss, without the need of additional emergency fixtures.
In case of power fails, the emergency drivers, which is connected to the AC LED driver, would switch to emergency mode,
supplying power for the LED downlights for a duration of 190 minutes. When AC power is restored,
the emergency drivers would automatically switch to the charging mode, storing power for the battery.
The emergency backup pack includes an indicator with test switch, a long-life recycle NI-MH battery, and an emergency driver, supporting LED lighting up to 8 watt, working in conjunction with the AC driver.


* Monthly Self- test
* 3 hours back up
* Annual self discharge and charge
* Green LED status indicator

Maintained emergency downlights are typically used within public places like clubs and halls where the lighting is dimmed and the emergency lighting prevents total darkness.
Some maintained luminaires can also be in place of the normal lighting, serving a dual-purpose. They will continue to provide light for a number of hours in the event of a power cut.
Non-maintained emergency downlights only provide illumination when there is an interruption to the power supply.

Emergency indicator, installed beside the emergency downlight to indicate the working situation of the emergency system.

The connecting diagram of emergency lighting units:


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