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Led Downlight Manufacturer Since 2000 with 200 Patents

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VERTEX Lighting was founded in Foshan, China in 2000, with the idea of continuous innovation and strict quality control. The factory of Vertex Lighting is located in Foshan, Guangdong, covering an area of 8100 square meters, with more than 150 employees.VERTEX Lighting manufacturers focus on residential lighting and commercial lighting .

The sales headquarter and product developing center is located in downtown Foshan, with 1200 square meters office space. A group of innovative and passionate people work here, delivering good service and designing creative products.

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ODM Service

Vertex residential lighting manufacturers has been concentrated on the residential downlight manufacturing for over 15 years, is offering professional R&D, patented design and manufacture experience for customizing of products.

residential lighting ODM service
  • led lighting unique innovative design

    Unique Innovative Design

    Vertex Lighting has own more than 200 patents for the products, and is the indoor lighting company to design led fire rated downlights approved by UL263 for Northern America.

  • led downlight smart solution

    Smart Solution

    Our patented smart lighting solution with cutting-edge technologies present you in a leading position and stand out in the market.

  • led downlight manufacturers quality control

    Quality Control

    Vertex has strict quality control procedures to ensure the product goes to customers functioning safely and competitively.

  • lighting manufacturing capacity

    Manufacturing Capacity

    Covering over 8,100 square meters of factory space, we are located in Jili Industrial Zone of Foshan City.

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